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The Neuro Talks

Neuroscience and Neurology are allied fields of study and treatment. Neuroscience deals with the study of the physiology, structure, function, diseases and genetics related to central nervous system. The focus of neurology is on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. These fields are advancing rapidly and today neuroscientists and neurologists around the world work alongside industry to advance and develop new diagnostic and treatment methodologies involving cutting edge laboratory tests and state of the art imaging technologies.

NeuroTalks brings together scientists, academics, physicians, entrepreneurs, and specialists from industry to share the same stage as they discuss topics ranging from neuro-immunology and oxidative stress, to neuro-informatics and the latest Alzheimer’s disease evidence.

Where better to spend an exciting time exchanging and learning new knowledge? Madrid is a lively, friendly, cosmopolitan city – a place where business and the latest trends in food and fashion meet and blend with ease. It’s a city that promises an enjoyable and rich experience with its artistic heritage, modern transport network, quality accommodation options, excellent cuisine, and vibrant and safe night life. Welcome to NeuroTalks.

Sessions at Forum

Clinical Neurology

Neuro Oncology & Surgery

Neuro Muscular Diseases


Neuro Informatics

Neuro Quantology

Neuroscience & Therapeutics

Neuropathy Study

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Prevention, treatment and therapeutic options

Clinical Trials & Case Reports

Neuro science for design