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The Talks on Neuroscience
and Neurology

September 03-04, 2020, Madrid, Spain

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The Neuro Talks

Neuroscience and Neurology are allied fields of study and treatment. Neuroscience deals with the study of the physiology, structure, function, diseases and genetics related to central nervous system. The focus of neurology is on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. These fields are advancing rapidly and today neuroscientists and neurologists around the world work alongside industry to advance and develop new diagnostic and treatment methodologies involving cutting edge laboratory tests and state of the art imaging technologies.

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"The Neuro Talks" is venue for scientists/researchers to present their novel research or discuss trending topics with their colleagues to stitch the purpose of receiving feedback and sharing the knowledge, which is helpful for young scientists to gain that purpose at an early stage of their research. It serves as an informal peer review that can help researchers to develop, clarify, and refine their work, and thus they are an integral part of the process of Neuroscience and Neurology. The Neuro Talks, focuses not just on one single topic but as the name suggests, it invites more of novel discussions and news across the countries pertinent to the field. This event will be a great networking platform for industry professionals and students who seek help/expertise from senior scientists.

Venue & Location
Madrid, Spain

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Sessions at Forum

Clinical Neurology

Neuro Oncology & Surgery

Neuro Muscular Diseases


Neuro Informatics

Neuro Quantology

Neuroscience & Therapeutics

Neuropathy Study

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Prevention, treatment and therapeutic options

Clinical Trials & Case Reports

Neuro science for design

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